Welcome to Ayers Aviation

Ayers Aviation comes from a long line of Aviators ranging from Great Uncle Jim whom flew Air Mail across the United States in the 1920’s and 1930’s, to Captain Robert Ayers who is currently an Instructor Pilot in the United States Air Force.

Ayers Aviation Strives to make your flying experience safe, fun, and memorable. Learning to fly is very challenging but it is also very rewarding, and we want to make sure that not only do you learn how to fly safely, but also you have fun doing it.

Rule Number 1: Be Safe!
Rule Number 2: Have Fun!

Ayers Aviation takes pride in providing the best possible instruction available. We don’t train students to the bare minimum to only pass tests. We train pilots to be safe and as professional as possible. We go above the bare minimum required and show our students advanced skills and Techniques that they will not find at another flight school.

Meet the Instructor

Brandon Ayers, CFI, CFII, AGI, IGI

Chief Flight Instructor for Ayers Aviation

FAASTeam Representative




Brandon has accumulated over 4500 hours flying, including over 3800 hours of instruction given. He is an experienced instructor in many different types of aircraft including all models Cessna’s and Piper’s.  Brandon is an American Bonanza Society approved Instructor, and also instructs in a wide range of aircraft from Light Sport Aircraft to Cirrus, bonanzas, Mooney’s, Pitts, Stearmans, RV’s, Ercoupes and many more. He holds the following ratings:


Commercial Pilot

Airplane single engine land

Airplane multi-engine land

Instrument airplane

Aircraft Single Engine Sea


Flight instructor:

Airplane single engine

Instrument airplane


Ground instructor:

Advanced Instrument